Why Children Very Lazy To Learn

Frequency lately I hear complaints, “How come my son lazy ??”, has increased. As a teacher and a mother, I was concerned. The following is a discussion, which is far from comprehensive but hopefully remain pointless, regarding laziness children. Article only refers to personal experience and others so for a discussion concerning the academic benchmark, the results of research, expert opinions, etc … Find yourself, ya 😉

Posts will be my tag to who wrote that flashed in my brain. So strike them sensitive, please do not be offended. Mr / Ms tag me not because I was sure Mr / Ms lazy but semata2 due to face Mr / Ms fitting barge into my brain at the time of arrival tag.

yes it’s true kids are learning because they are still the world world might play. Guru les privat Ke rumah Di Jakarta I still happen to children in kindergarten B and I use this approach to learning while playing, often invited to communicate by providing an easy understanding for them.

First of all, let’s discuss what a ‘lazy’ in this article. There are various forms of laziness. Ms. Malas help the beresin toys (like my son …), dining lazy, lazy parent bantuin if requested, lazy learning (this is a type of conjoined twins from a lazy read), etc. I will only discuss the latter type are lazy lazy to learn.

Some of the issues that make children lazy learning:

1. Lessons at school too much.
Within a day, fed children 6-7 different lessons on average tested very superficial: memorize word for word. It’s very tiring.

2. The system of teaching which is not interesting or dislike a lesson / teacher
Try note, lazy child who knows only on certain subjects. If yes, then this may be related to poor teaching methods teachers, children do not like the taste of these subjects or do not like the teacher.

3 .The child is not academically oriented.
Not all children have high academic abilities. I mean ‘academic’ here is a serious lesson that dominate the curriculum such as English, Mathematics, Science, Indonesian, PPKn, etc. There are children who would spend life as a photo model, painters, choreographers, footballer, photographers, etc. Children like this model very possibly lazy to spend time diligently to memorize tired to repeat, for example.

4. The physical disturbance.
There may be hearing or vision. Of course, should be observed and even checking medical.

5. family problem or an emotional problem
For example guru privat jakarta, elderly parents want to get divorced, feeling compete with siblings in akdamis and constantly losing his closest friend just moved to another school, etc.

6.Tak no role models
Children do not have an example of what is meant by ‘diligently’. Small children have not been able to think concretely, they need a real example for almost all the things they should do.

7. Parents misspoke when advising children.
Try to be remembered, once guns talk, “… Papa Mama working tuh let you go to school. Papa do not like long, long ago shirker … Like to be called a teacher … “. When he spoke, Mr / Mrs already have a home in the state, capable holiday to Bali, has 2-3 cars, for example ???? Consciously or unconsciously, they would think, “Ohhh … .Ayah and mother was very stubborn, lazy, now turned out to be successful tuh … Fine. it’s okay yes if now I am lazy, I’ll also succeed … “. Be careful when talking.

8. Facilities excess.
Kids are given few gadgets (HP, IPod, PS, etc.) / advanced toys.
9. The child does not fit in with the school
Kids moved to a new school education system is different and he is already at home with the previous system, eg: From a national school moved to an international school and vice versa. Another thing: Is he experienced bullying? Bullying, or banter whether physical or psychological, has the potential to not only destroy the child’s academic area but also damage him mentally / psychologically.

10. Not to know how to learn a suitable, appropriate learning strategies or typical environments which can stimulate the spirit of learning

Type children learn assortment. No child is easily understood if he was listening (audio learner), some are more easily understood if given view images (visual learner), etc. Laziness learning may appear as children learn only in a way that was not the method that suits him. There is also a new child can learn if the study while listening to music or learning difficulty if there chatting, etc.

11. The home environment is not conducive
Try views, in which Mr / Mrs stay? The solid in the township noisy when the child is 6 years of living in a quiet residential previously that he used to study in a quiet place? Or fitted next to the house there are cafes? Or a friend’s house conversation is just 50 meters from where Mr / Mrs stay and they were not limited hour meeting of the parents so until the house is already tired? The only way to overcome the causes of this kind is the discipline to be able to overcome obstacles or temptations.

12. Too tired
Ex: playing time is too long or too many participating courses.

13. Poverty
Poverty causes they can not stay in a comfortable home. Poverty may force them to make a living after school, make them feel inferior because of school fees continue to be charged the teachers in front of the class or make them unable to purchase textbooks (many schools that do not use notebooks. There are so many children who are able to bypass this limitation, in meaning they can still be diligent despite very limited circumstances, but it must be recognized that these limitations for many more children are likely to be the reason why they are lazy to learn.

Tips or practical way to overcome the lazy children learn easily be had in the books or the internet. However, I believe that these tips will be difficult to do consistently if we do not take things that are fundamental: The smoothness of communicating that makes us know what your wants and needs of children, a way of communicating that makes the child feel comfortable in his own, with his parents and with his life overall.

Here I will focus only on the discussion of the underlying factors that can make parents difficulty to solve the problems above.

a. Unusual communicate with children
Good communication is a conversation involving two people: They can talk, hurling opinions and listen to each other. Communication also means “Person A (speaker) convey a message to the B (listener) and the message was well received. Parents often talk to children but rarely establish communication at all. If Mr / Mrs just plain talk unilateral, children should only be listened to, of course ‘the investigation’ will fail.

First Indonesian film (hopefully not the only one) that describe communication / intelligent dialogue between parents and children is Sherina’s Adventure created by Mira Lesmana. When the mother told Sherina Sherina plan their move from Jakarta to Bandung, Sherina complain and ask questions that are answered patiently and cooked by the mother. Seniority structure in society and the family in eastern culture makes ‘dialogue and debate’ with older people, especially with the elderly themselves, are taboo. How much does the parents sitting with children, a discussion about vacation plans-you want to ride anything, nginap where, etc.-and asked feelings and the child’s opinion on a new holiday experience?

b. There is no cooperation with the school
Education Best Almamater  is a three-sided building, ideally there should be cooperation student-parents and the school (in this case the teacher). Try to make an appointment with the teacher, asked to meet me and ask things that Mr / Ms viewing needs. If Mr / Mrs actually guns know what is your question, it still met then asked, “I want my child to succeed in school, what should I do it?” If the teacher lazy answer, then the child’s school Father / Mother is a school ugly, trust me ….

c. Errors in meaning of “success” and ignorance of the kinds of intelligence.

Many parents assume that if a child into Harvard or ITB, the child succeed … If the child attends college nurse, so the dorm mother, housewife, dancers, painters or sculptors means less successful. If the child memorize the multiplication table means the person is successful but if he memorized the names of all the neighbors, diligent rebuke greet and help them, success means guns. This kind of clutter makes parents require children to study hard even though his son, say, his brain was not in the academic area. I once had a student who was considered stupid but outgoing personality and eventually moved to a tourism school and succeed there. Is he stupid? Interpersonal intelligence is very high, really, how could he say stupid? There are also children who had guns to the next grade but clever making up songs. Is he stupid? Never forget, there are many kinds of intelligence and musical intelligence is one of them.

d. Lifestyle or daily habit that does not connect with the demands of children to study hard

There are ongoing to bring their children to the counter clothes and shoes but at home babbling about the importance of reading … There are parents who are willing to spend 300 thousand to buy shoes and when the child shows a storybook for 50 thousand, the parents immediately shouted, “Mahal amattt!” but at home grumble why her lazy read. If I were her, I nyahut directly deh, “But I diligently wear shoes, ‘kannn ……’ Kan shoes is more important than the book ???” Children will never be diligent in reading if the parents indicate that the book is inanimate objects deserve to be appreciated.

When my son was 3 years old, I never invites him to buy shoes because shoes broken. He then constantly choose sandals. Feedback from the mall, I realized that my guns have shoes (I had sandals and slippers, closed shoes I put in school, just using that currently teach). How could she choose shoes, lha wong ga he almost never see her wear shoes ?? Look, kids are lazy read almost all not accustomed to seeing their parents read, how then can they be diligent in reading / learning?

e. Kids introvert or reserved
It’s hard to know the cause of lazy to learn if the child introverted or quiet. Dig info from teachers and close friends. If he got up, log into Facebook. If he refuses to confirm a friend request clicking Mr / Ms, meaning he did not feel comfortable with the presence of tuanya.Mengancam it to download confirm friend requests Bapk / Mom will only aggravate the situation.

f. Parents temperamental or unfriendly
It is clear, lazy children communicate with parents like this.

g. Parents slacker.
Parents find out why his lazy lazy, assume that the tips to overcome laziness child who has just read in the book parenting is far-fetched (though know that it was written by a senior child psychologists, for example), etc. His parents work just shopping, read the tabloids, guns ever read parenting books, guns once discussions with other parents who have experienced. Do not expect a fruitful corn watermelon. If yes ortunya lazy, too lazy son.

h. Less “explicit” reality, there is no dialogue ‘contains’ with children.

There are parents who take care of business online from home or work as a housewife. Both of these professions (and some other professions such as author, counselor, illustrator, etc.) can be lived with style (as if, seemingly) casual. It is important for parents to talk with their children that life really is not relaxed. Tired housewife after cleaning the house and taking care of children and the husband, is very likely to watch infotainment or to a neighbor’s house and then ngegossip. If the child is assumed you know, explain that watch TV and to the neighbor’s house is entertainment because you’re tired. Do not let your child think, “Wow, delicious aja my mum, my government could only study hard. He himself works just nyuci, watching TV, cooking …. “.

Explain that you’re working. As I was typing, say, “It’s Papa / Mama again working with tables, again create a letter to the boss”. While browsing pictures on the internet, saying, “It’s Papa / Mama again find examples nih goods to be sent to people who want to buy goods”. The colorful screen is very likely to make children think that your life easy and santai.Saat being insert clothes closet to say, “If your job learning task beresin Mama clothes, nyetrika, trim cabinets ..”. Do not assume that children will understand by itself that you’re working on a task.

Personal experience
My parents were juniors, yet up to 7 years of motherhood. My child is female, born in 2004 and is now one SD. According to his teachers, he was (very) smart. Allow me to ‘lancang’berbagi experience in the middle of the very lack of my experience as a parent.

thanks hopefully article about Why Children Very Lazy To Learn can help

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